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Miguel Ramos Arizpe’s family was among the first colonizers to settle in Saltillo in the year 1577. The regions of Texas, Tamaulipas. Durango and septentrional Chihuahua were colonized by families who first settled Saltillo and then Monterrey. The…
The 28th of December of 1810, most of the Mexican congressmen embarked the English vessel "El Implacable" towards Spain, with the purpose of claiming honours and jobs. At the time, the Mexican revolution for independence was under way and Ramos…
In 1823, the Republic of Mexico was just being created. Agustin Iturbide, emperor of the first Mexican Empire was dethroned and a provisional government was in process of forming a Federal Republic. Stephen F. Austin drafted a plan for a Federal…

Several question marks can be seen at sites around the map. As there is no universal meaning for question marks in maps and no indication on the map key to suggest what they could symbolize in this context, their exact meaning is a mystery.

topographic detail 1.png
In addition to the color coded boundaries and the key of borders and archaeological attractions, the map also includes defining topographic features of the area such as mountains and land bridges.

Map Creation Sources.png
All three of the sources used to create this map were connected to Mandatory Palestine, the territory and administration managed under the British between 1920 and 1948.

1. Palestine Antiquities Department: A British entity charged with…

The Carpenter's Workshop Stamp.png
The Carpenter’s Workshop is a reference to the work of Jesus Christ. The company and mapmaker Dr. Mathesy were best known for the production of this particular map, which was published in a bounded paperback book under the same title. There are…

This map of Palestine before the U.N. Partition Plan is divided along historical and Biblical lines. The boundaries shown are color-coded based on areas under the rule of Roman Procuratores (i.e. imperial governors), the ancient Roman Province of…

Morgan's solution to bridging Austin's economic and social divides, in images
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